Episode 7 – The Nightingale Job (Scary ‘Stheri)

Posted on: October 15th, 2017 by Aleks

Zeb, Griffin, and Estheri (in the form of a cute, robotic mantis) are close, some would say dangerously close, to the object of their grand heist. With Rena Nightingale seeing red, and her guards hot on their trail, can our motley menagerie of mischievous miscreants make it out with their lives and reputations intact! Tune in to find out!

Note: We’ll be taking a bit of a break before the next story arc begins in earnest. This doesn’t necessarily mean a full blown hiatus, but it does mean that we’ll be relaxing the release schedule for a few months, and hopefully posting some more bonus one shots and the like!

Our theme song is Space (Outro), by Andy G. Cohen, whose wonderful musical compositions you can check out HERE. Space (Outro) was made available by Mr. Cohen under the Creative Commons Attribution License, and we thank him heartily for it.